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Rydez Charge:

Day Charge

    • Admin Fee : $0.60
    • Minimum charge : $5.90
    • Base Charge : $1.20
    • Cost per KM : $1.30
    • Base Dist Cost/min : $0.0
    • Cost per minute : $0.30
    • Waiting Cost/min : $0.60
    • Cancellation Penalty : $10.00

Night Charge

    • Admin Fee : $0.60
    • Minimum Charge : $5.90
    • Base charge : $1.20
    • Cost per KM : $1.40
    • Base Dist Cost/min : $0.20
    • Cost per minute : $0.40
    • Waiting Cost/min : $0.60
    • Cancellation Penalty : $10.00

Any form of Abuse, Harassment, Violence, Discrimination is strictly prohibited and is a crime. Smoking and consuming Alcohol in the car is a no no please.

Safety First:

At Rydez NZ, passengers safety is first priority at the drivers Mobile Apps, each time they are login, they are reminded that:

Any Form Of:





Is strictly prohibited.

And so as Passenger, we are asking the same request of you. Drivers want to ensure that they are safe while serving you. Each time you want a ride we also request that you plan ahead. Drivers has to follow the same road code as everyone else. Rydez allows passengers and drivers to call each other. Sometimes, driver is on their way to drop off another passenger before heading your way, we expect that they will call or txt to let you know.

Transparency is equally important as passengers safety. Have you ever wonder how your ride charge is calculated?

If your trip is less than 5km:

Fare = Min Charge + Admin Fee + (Base Distance Time Cost/min).

If you trip is greater than 5km:

Fare = Base Fare + Admin Fee + (km x Cost/km) + (time x Cost/min)

Each time you request a ride with Rydez NZ, an estimate of your trip will be shown and the route on the inbuilt map, sometimes the app use the fastest route instead of the the closest route and you will find the fare estimate may be higher than you expected. You can ask the driver to take the shortest route. 

How To Use Rydez Apps:

1. Tap “Where to?” field. Tap the field.

2.  Check if your pick-up location is correct.

3.  “Add Stop” If you want to stop on the way. (and/Or)

4.  Add your destination or destinations.

5.  Select your card.

6.  Tap “REQUEST NOW”.

You can now relax and watch your car coming to you live on the app. Enjoy your ride with Rydez, your driver knows exactly where to go and payment will be done for you automatically. Why use rydez? What you see is what you get. We don’t have surge price.