Driver - Rydez


Currently 13% Commission Rate.

Drive With Rydez And Make A Living.

Why Drive With Rydez?

Rydez is 100% Kiwi owned and operated. Every driver that drives with us helps our economy. You may be thinking of making extra money and driving with Rydez gives every driver the opportunity to make a living because, our commission rate is as small as 15% and our admin fee is only $0.60. What does that mean? There is more for drivers to put in their pockets. You are your own Boss. You can always have a balance between work and family. Every driver will always have time to pickup their kids from school, and can always have time to have lunch together with your other half. Rydez is only available in Auckland but we are coming to the rest of New Zealand soon. Wherever there is Rydez, there is less drunk drivers behind the wheel out on the streets and there is more economic opportunities. 

Drive Smart.

Every Form Of:

    •    Abuse

    •    Harassement.

    •    Violence.

    •    Discrimination.

Is strictly prohibited.

Always keep the safety of your passenger(s) as your first priority. You are your own boss, treat the service you’re providing as if it’s your own business. Always keep in mind, Rydez provides you the platform to connect with your passengers. The service is yours. Take ownership of the service and make sure to deliver the best for your passengers.

How To Become A Driver?

To become a driver for Rydez you will need the following:

1.  Hold a valid P Endorsement Driver’s license . 

2.  Hold a valid P Endorsement ID card.

3.  Must Hold a Transport Service License (TSL). We encourage every driver to get your own, you just need to apply for it or you can use the Rydez TSL label for a start, just let us know.

4.  Have a vehicle that is  less than 10 years of the manufacturing date.

5.  Vehicle must have a current COF.

6.  Have a current Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance.

We recommend that you get all the required documents ready before uploading them to us to avoid any hassle.  

How To Signup As A  Driver.

We are doing things smarter. Download the Rydez Driver App from Apple Store on your iPhone or from PlayStore on your Android. Tap the Signup button and follow the signup prompt, then away you go. Once we’ve received everything without any issue, expect your account to be approved within 48hrs.