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About Us

100% Kiwi Own And Operate.


Our mission is to provide transportation services to the public that is affordable, safe, trustworthy and consistent. We aim to be the solution and choice for consumers in an industry that is often plagued by high prices that puts the customer at a disadvantage.

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At Rydez NZ Limited we provide a Taxi Booking Mobile Application (Platform) to connect both Drivers who wish to either make extra money or is looking for a job and people who are looking for a passenger transport service in the most convenient way. Rydez NZ Free Mobile Apps is designed to provide users with the most user friendly experience for all ages.

The Rydez NZ Experience

We at Rydez NZ have taken on the responsibility, challenge and task of providing services that is affordable, easy to use, hassle free and that utilizes conventional and modern technology. All of our services can be easily accessed by the website and mobile app. We can also be reached at night or day by phone: 0221110000, email: care@rydez.nz, Whatsapp, and Facebook.

A Safer Community

We believe you deserve a safe transportation service. Safe enough for us to trust our own mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children and loved ones to use. We have created guidelines that protect and help passenger and drivers to enjoy a safe comfortable ride experience. Any person who doesn’t follow these guidelines may be at risk of being removed from our Platform for the safety of the Rydez NZ community.